Violent Offences

What Is This?

These are situations where it is alleged that force has been wrongly applied to a complainant and includes an array of assaults such as common assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, up to and including murder.

There may be issues of consent, self defense or mistaken identification in all violence related charges.

What We Do.

Whatever the situation, get Merrigan and Company on your side and in your corner. Very often these types of cases require additional investigation over and above what the police have done. There is often much more going on in these cases than what appears in a police report. There is always a context that is missing from the police report and in many cases, the criminal court system is being viewed as a springboard for helping the complainant's position in an upcoming civil court proceeding.

Merrigan and Company will marshal all of the evidence to ensure your side of the event is properly put before the court. In litigation, as in boxing, the primary rule is "protect yourself at all times".