Driving Offences

What Is This?

British Columbia has the toughest impaired driving laws in the country. The consequences of a criminal conviction for impaired/over .08, dangerous driving or criminal negligence can be catastrophic.

The penalties often include jail terms, large fines and lengthy driving prohibition. If there's been an accident, you will also be pursued in civil court because any such conviction leaves you without insurance.

Even if you are not criminally charged, there are a great many offences under B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act that have fines, license suspension and in some cases, jail as a consequence.

What We Do.

At Merrigan and Company, we have done hundreds of these types of cases. We are one of the firms in BC that has ensured it is up-to-date and experienced on the new changes to the law, namely, Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and Administrative Driving Prohibitions.

If you are facing any allegations involving driving--from traffic tickets to criminal negligence causing death--call us immediately. Do not hesitate. Many of these offenses have strict time limits to file your defense. Allow us to give you an evaluation of your situation and chart a plan to get you back in the driver's seat.